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150 minutes: Staying active when feeling under the weather

This week I managed to get in my full 150 minutes in (just barely) despite being sick for most days this week. Today I was feeling better and managed to pound out 75 of those minutes in one go on my walk today to make the cut. Normally I don’t walk for more than an hour at a time but I really wanted to hit my goal before my week ran up. My town finally put in a walking/biking trail near my house so I checked that out since I was going a bit further. Made for a nice change of scenery.

Now I’m not saying that if you’re bed ridden with a bad case of the flu you should still feel obligated to exercise but I wanted to share how I stayed active on a week where I was really not feeling up to par:

Break it up

Exercise in smaller time intervals. Active minutes can have a positive effect on our body in amounts of 10 minutes or more. Anyone can manage 10 minutes. I did this one day at work during a break and another day right after work. When you’re not feeling the best it’s important to remember not to force it. Start with the goal of 10 minutes and if you’re feeling up to continuing after that then so be it. A little bit of exercise is better than none.

Take it easy

If you’re sick you’re sick. There’s no need to push yourself. You’ll see in my summary at the bottom that most of what I did was walking (with the exception of Sunday when I was feeling good). Walking is nice and easy, requires little preparation and can be done on a whim. I find this is one of the more convenient activities to do because it’s easy to fit in anywhere and anytime. I even found that getting out for some fresh air helped relieve some of the congestion I was having. Bottom line, you can still be active when you’re not feeling 100%.

Week 2 of 6:

  • Sunday: Resistance band training 30 mins
  • Monday: —
  • Tuesday: —
  • Wednesday: —
  • Thursday: Walked – 30 mins
  • Friday: Walked at work – 20 mins
  • Saturday: Walked a new trail – 75 mins

Week 1 Total: 175

Week 2 Total: 155

– Louise

Fitness, Physical Health

150 minutes: Making time for physical activity

If there’s one thing I’ve struggled with as far as my health goes since I started teaching it’s fitness! Many days I come home exhausted and not in the mood to exercise. I am also not a morning person so as far as I’m concerned, morning workouts are not an option. For me I had to plan for when I was going to fit in my exercise. I find weekdays a little more challenging because I have a fairly long commute to work and by the time I get home it’s time to focus on getting supper prepared (not to mention I’m just tired).

The American Heart Association recommends a minimum of 150 minutes per week of physical activity for adults ages 18-64. I used these guidelines to create my first goal.

Fitness goal #1:

150-300 minutes of exercise (any type of exercise) per week. I am aiming to meet this goal 6 weeks in a row. Once I do this, then I will adjust for a new, more challenging (perhaps more specific) goal. For now, my main focus is on time spent exercising so I can establish a steady routine that works for me.

My first week week looked like this:

Week 1 of 6:

  • Sunday: Walked 5K – 65 mins
  • Monday: —
  • Tuesday: Hot Hatha yoga- 60 mins
  • Wednesday: —
  • Thursday: —
  • Friday: —
  • Saturday: Walked 4K 50 mins

Week 1 Total:   175  

How do you make time for exercise in your busy schedule?